Monday, July 19, 2010

Through The Veil"Through the Veil" by Lisa Ohlen Harris is an American author's perspective of her years living in the Middle East. She seamlessly weaves together different narratives about the people/culture/history/experiences of the place where she lived and the people/culture/history/experiences of her own family and self. Each chapter has its own beginning and end and yet the book is a beautiful, cohesive whole. It offered a moving ending that provided closure, yet left me wanting more. Her thoughtful reflection brought out meaning and depth where I would not have expected. This book inspired me to live more deeply in my own experience and to take notice of the threads of my life and how they are interconnected with the lives of those seemingly-different from me. I thoroughly enjoyed this peek into the author's experience of living in Amman and surrounding areas, of birthing and raising children in a foreign land, of learning Arabic and of learning when to assimilate and when to stand out. This book is an important read for our time and I am changed for having read it.


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