Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Style # D24300
Evening sling in smooth satin with beautifully concealed NIKE AIR cushioning. Petite buckle for fit. Fully padded leather-wrapped sock lining. Softly buffed leather sole. 3 3/4" satin-covered heel with slender platform.

Did you catch that? Cole Haan makes dress shoes with Nike Air cushioning. Like the same cushioning I have in my running sneakers. When Cole Haan and Nike throw in the iPod/Nike+ feature for their "Sari Air Sling" (making it possible for me to link my shoes to my iPod to track run distance and pace) you can be sure that the pamster is going to trade in her dull Nike Air Max sneakers for this high-fashioned sling.
For $150 you can also have the matching pleated wrap and another $325 will get you the small triangle tote from their "vintage collection" (though neither boasts the Nike Air technology that makes the "Sari Air Sling" so enticing).



Anonymous m said...

I gotta be honest. The style doesn't do much for me...

3:22 PM  
Blogger fishylady said...

Saw that you posted on Heather R's blog about Matt. It was good to see how you are doing. Cyberspace is amazing. Alexis and I are in Atlanta. The south is good, just too darn hot.

Hope you find your place. Peace.

7:06 PM  

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