Tuesday, August 22, 2006

when I am a famous rock star which songs will I cover? Does anyone else ever ponder that question or am I alone on this? Think about it. I'd like to know your thoughts. It is irrelevant whether any of us will ever be famous rock stars...the point is to be prepared just in case.

I have many, many songs...mostly by men because I like the gender-bending that happens when a woman sings a song usually associated with a man. Although right now my song du jour is a country song by Jo Dee Messina called "Bring on the Rain." She has a lot of attitude in it and I would love to rock out with it. I share the lyrics here:

Another day has almost come and gone
Can’t imagine what else could wrong
Sometimes I’d like to hide away somewhere and lock the door
A single battle lost but not the war (‘cause)

Tomorrow’s another day
And I’m thirsty anyway
So bring on the rain

It’s almost like the hard times circle ‘round
A couple drops and they all start coming down
Yeah, I might feel defeated,
I might hang my head
I might be barely breathing - but I’m not dead

Tomorrow’s another day
And I’m thirsty anyway
So bring on the rain

I’m not gonna let it get me down
I’m not gonna cry
And I’m not gonna lose any sleep tonight

Tomorrow’s another day
And I’m thirsty anyway
So bring on the rain


Blogger Fuck You Google said...

I think the "famous" part happens along the lines of originality as opposed to imitation.

But there are more than enough college towns in America, and they're definitely open to cover bands. Unfortunately.

11:53 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

I don't want to be in a cover band. I just want to cover songs in concert (maybe even record some) because there is art in that too and there are some really great songs out there that I would love to do. My fame though will certainly come from my compelling lyrics, original and earth-shaking tunes and my unparalleled ability to move, inspire, engage and thrill millions. Thanks for the comment and the opportunity to clarify my aspirations. pw

7:15 AM  
Anonymous K. said...

All of the greatest bands covered their idols. Bowie covered The Stones and the Beatles. The Beatles covered Chuck Berry. The Stones covered Muddy Waters. Nirvana covered Bowie. Gnarls Barkley cover The Violent Femmes. As an artist it gives you a chance to both play hommage and put your own original spin on the songs that inspired you.

Me? I'd cover "Jack on Fire" by the Gun Club (just because it rocks) and "Blue Moon" because all of my favorite artists have covered it in some form or fashion and I'd love to see what spin I could put on it. Frankly who could out do Billie Holiday or Elvis's versions? Still I'd love to try.

2:02 AM  
Blogger 9 Stories Guy said...

Chicks singing guy songs is hot! Me (as guy as they come)I like taking chic tunes for similar effect. An a'capella Joplinesque Mercedes-Benz is my fave, but I can also belt out a mean Prison Trilogy (Joan Baez)...more my Mom's idols than mine, but she got me into music singing in the car driving me everywhere as a kid that I guess that makes sense. But you can never go wrong covering the Beatles. I pick the more obscure stuff...because don't you know that happiness is a warm gun, momma?

9:59 AM  

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